Mixes from the Field offers courses tailored to your needs, ranging from a single-day training of students in an arts program or community center to a 3-12 week integrated high-school or community (youth) program.

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In the Listening Module we touch on the theoretical and artistic practices of Pauline Oliveros, Murray Schafer, Hildegard Westerkamp and Bernie Krause, including Deep ListeningĀ®, soundscape theory, soundwalking and acoustic ecology. We not only introduce participants to the key ideas and contributions of these seminal thinkers, but, more importantly, we also offer tailored group practice so that participants can actually experience particular aspects of their work. All of this will be attuned to the scope of your educational or community building project.

Field Recording

In the Field Recording Module participants will be introduced to the techniques, tools and practices necessary to make optimal quality recordings and store them in such a way that they are readily available for a solo or collaborative compositional practice. Additionally, we can also offer hands-on practice with the tools and techniques necessary for more specialized sonic recordings, using binaural and electromagnetic mics, hydrophones (underwater mics) or a parabolic mic set-up.

Processing & Composition

In the Processing and Composition Module we offer an introduction to the basic skills necessary for participants to work with the sonic materials from the Field Recording Module and produce their own compositions. We provide insight into a set of compositional practices that stimulate creation, presentation and sharing, both online and live. Michael McDermott gives insight into his Sonic Photography model, and Sharon Stewart works with musical metaphors as a conceptual tool.