In October and November of 2016, I, Sharon Stewart, collaborated with the media artist Wioleta Kaminska to create sound for her 9-minute meditative film, A Wildfire Lullaby #1, shot by her during the extensive forest fires in Northern California.

Because Wioleta had a clear idea as to the length, editing, and mood, we needed to communicate well so I could to sculpt the sound to align with our mutual intentions.

The sound is based on an 84 Hz drone produced with Operator in Ableton Live and which I manipulated to create a 9m30s improvisation. I layered this with highly EQ’d recording of a wood fire in the middle of a community art project, part of Sonsbeek 16, called the Bakehouse, by Alphons ter Avest, where you could bake your own bread, with others, assisted by a baker. Recordings of seagulls made at Orford Ness (UK), highly modified with Flex in Logic Pro 9. The slowed-down seagulls started to sound like sea lions or some mythical water creatures. I also included a recording made close to the shoreline, in Scheveningen.

Recordings made with:
DPA d:screet SMK-SC4060
Telinga parabolic disc with Sennheiser MKH 8040