Mixes from the Field is a site and a collaborative project dedicated to connecting and inspiring those who use ambient or environmental sound recordings in their sonic works.

Mixes from the Field was initiated by Sharon Stewart and Michael McDermott at the end of 2016 and integrates Deep Listening, field recording, social justice, sonic ecology, meditation and music composition into a teaching framework of workshops, lectures, performances and… this website.

Mixes from the Field makes it a priority to reach and work with amateurs as well as more experienced musicians in a dedicated search to connect (art) students, (non-)musicians, field recordists, sound artists and their audiences. Following the principles of Deep Listening, Mixes from the Field seeks to form an inclusive platform for the sonic arts. Listening is innately inclusive.

Mixes from the Field is a growing and developing site and project. We will be posting our projects and documentation of those projects here. We will hopefully be collaborating with some of you reading this right now at some time in the future.